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‘New Year, New You’

Yes, it’s that time of year again! As January begins how many of us make New Year’s resolutions? And guess what the most common ones are? Yup, fitness, health and wellbeing related! We all want to shift those Christmas calories, cut back on alcohol and prioritise our physical and mental wellbeing and while the obvious one for most people is going on a diet and/or doing more exercise these are not always the easiest to maintain long term. So, what are the alternative resolutions we should work towards?

The Importance of ‘Self-Care’

Post pandemic, there is certainly more awareness of a more holistic approach to ‘self-care’. The popularity of mindfulness and meditation practices has risen, together with the understanding that we don’t need to feel guilty spending time on ourselves and should actively dedicate time in our busy schedules to looking after our bodies. Whether that means exercise (and the feel good hormone serotonin it releases), or enjoying a spa or beauty treatment (at a salon or using the wide range of at home products and equipment available) all are beneficial to our mental and physical health!

Health, Beauty and Wellness Exhibitions

With this boom in the ‘Wellness’ market, come exhibitions to showcase new innovations! These are the ideal opportunity for companies to launch, demonstrate and sell their new exciting products to a captive audience. Just think, customers are wandering around the stands, keen to learn, try and buy new products not available elsewhere – it’s the chance to touch and try the products before buying them!
While you could work the stand yourself (or get someone from your office to ‘help out’) think whether this is the most efficient use of your time and money. Hiring a stand at these exhibitions is expensive, and you want a good return on your investment – the staff on the stand are just as important as the product you’re selling so why skimp on quality sales staff? This is where Envisage can help! We have amazing, experienced staff local to every major exhibition venue which means punctual, reliable people with no exorbitant travel costs to you!
Interested? Our booking process is so straightforward! Simply fill in the details below to get a quote and we’ll talk you through the rest!

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