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Keep on Motoring at the London Motorcycle Show

If you are attending the London Motorcycle Show, you will understand the tradition and the need for extra staff on your stand. But finding the best can be difficult but not when you use a leading promotional company such as Pitlane Promotion. We provide professional promotional girls, hostesses and exhibition girls for all kinds of businesses.

At the London Motorcycle Show promotional girls can provide many important functions for your business. It is a busy and popular event and one where you want to maximise your brand. And that’s why turning to a professional staffing agency is essential.

Promotional Girls Services and Functions

The list is almost endless, but our promotional girls can help your company stand out in a number of ways;

Hosting – you may decide that as part of your stand you want to host VIPs or other invited guests. You need people to greet them, serve drinks and more. Our grid girls make excellent hostesses, ensuring that the whole time your brand is at the forefront. It is such a prestigious show that anyone who is anyone in the motorcycling and motorsport world is more than likely to be there. You need to send out the right message – and that is YOUR brand is amongst the top players.

Data collection – for many manufacturers and retailers, time spent at events and exhibitions such as this popular motorcycle show is not just about selling; it is about collecting data that improve their product, service and brand. Our promotional staff can collect the information that you need, including contact details to swell your marketing database.

Generate leads – people do make buying decisions at these kinds of events and shows but a lot of the time, they will also want to think over their decision. This doesn’t mean letting them walk away but generating a lead. That is, start the all-important conversation that will eventually lead to a mutually beneficial deal. Our promotional staff are able to generate leads, an important aspect of hiring extra people for this busy show at London Excel.

Support your brand – you have a certain way of doing things, a certain voice and impression you want to uphold. Can you trust any promotional company to uphold your brand voice and style? With Pitlane Promotion, we ensure that the team is well-briefed beforehand so that they support your brand, 100% during the entirety of the show (or for how long you hire them!).

Maximise your Attendance at the Show

You want to ensure success and come away from this three-day event with sales, as well as leads and a high rate of engagement that places your brand even more firmly on the map. And our promotional staff are the best way of achieving this.

Contact the team at Pitlane Promotion Agency by calling the office on 0844 800 0071 or by using the online contact form. The quotation will be detailed to exactly what you need and with such cost-effective pricing, you can maximise your attendance at the London Motorcycle Show.


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