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Etiquette tips and hints for trade shows and exhibitions

Everywhere you look there are trade shows and exhibitions underway. It’s big business and everyone wants to attract visitor attention.

We thought it might be a good time to offer a few hints and tips on trade show etiquette – it can make a vast difference to achieving a successful participation.

Exhibition Top Ten Tips

1. Be helpful and do your best

If no one is coming by your stand, it is easy to become bored. But just remember – the next person walking by might be the client you really want to attract. The way you present yourself can make a different. Being ready to deal with that visitor in a totally professional manner is essential. Be ready to meet people and show interest every minute you are on the stand.

2. Be organised & arrange time off for your staff

Everyone needs a little time away from the stand to get lunch or have a short break. It keeps you fresh and attentive. Make sure everyone knows when they should take a break and that they come back on time. Don’t eat and drink on the stand.

3. Keep busy

Even if it is quiet, find things to do. It might be just tidying up the stand, adjusting literature and brochures but it does make the stand look good and business like.

4. Hire extra staff

Think about staffing needs before you arrive at the show. Make sure you have enough promotional and event staff to cover refreshment breaks, or flurries of activity. If it gets too quiet, you can always send them off to talk to people around the show, and generate interest.

5. Chat to the right people

Know who you should be seeking to talk to at a show. Are you focusing on attracting the media? Finding clients? Business prospects? Selling a service or product and generating instant sales? Don’t just chat to people (although be polite and always answer questions!) focus on the people you need to approach.

6. Wear the correct clothing

Most of our clients expect staff to were branded uniforms. Leave your uniform on the stand ready for you to quickly don the next day.

7. Familiarise yourself with the venue

Take time before the event to make sure you know where you are going, how to get to the venue and where everything is at the site. Remember that every venue is unique.

8. Get to know the client, brand, services and products

Familiarise yourself with the client in advance. Make sure you know what they offer and how they promote it. You will be given a full brief before the event, but take a little extra to study their website and find out about the client.

9. Be prepared

Have a notebook and pen at hand. Spare clothing such as a black or white top can be useful if it gets chilly or too warm! Check out any technology and make sure you know how to use it. It makes you much more professional in your approach and clients will appreciate this.

10. Above all – remember

• Space is always at a premium on any stand, no matter how big. Don’t take a big bag or too much personal stuff with you.
• Don’t use your phone
• Be active even when its quiet. Look for things to do such as tidying the stand.
• You want the client to ask for you again – so create a good impression
• Enjoy yourself!

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