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promo staff yorkshireGreat North Run – Mirror

The Brief

On Sunday the 7th of September we supplied a team of promotional event staff for The Great North Run. Working alongside The Mirror news paper we provided a team of 20 event staff to get the crowds excited and in high spirits for the event. As the Mirror was the main sponsor for the event getting their brand across was our goal. To achieve this we had our team hand out free newspapers and novelty foam fingers to the crowds in attendance. With over 5,000 papers and 1,000 foam hands to distribute the logistics of how we would evenly distribute focus on areas with high media coverage we had to undergo careful planning.

Our promotional staff sourcing

Providing staff for The Great North Run did require specific qualities to enable our staff to perform the necessary duties . As the crowd was spread out over a 13 mile stretch it was essential that all of the staff where both physically fit and looked it to match the image of the event. Another requirement of our staff was to both distribute as much material as possible and discuss the promotion with the public meaning that the staff had to be articulate to enable them to brief the public as to the promotion. Also to ensure our staff had the necessary navigation and time keeping skills to allow them to reach key target areas of the event we decided to put in place an event manager to enable consistent progress in the given time scale.

The Results

Once the event had finished we had our pre planned after event review with our client. The media response through twitter was at an all time high for the event with key hash tags trending beyond expectation. In addition when watching back the race highlights it was hard to miss the foam fingers meaning our aim to target key area’s was successful. We are currently in talks with how to make this year’s event even more successful!

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