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Costume Character & Mascot Performers

Need a costumed character performer to help liven up your event, get you’re brand noticed and to make sure your company stands out?  We have provided costumed character performers from small independent retailers to huge blue chip companies. It’s amazing the impact professional performer dressed up as fun loving costumed character can have at an event or party.

Our costumed character performers have been used at theme parks, in pantomimes, children’s parties, Christmas events and summer parties.  They are often hired to walk around events and exhibitions with flyers to hand out, for premiership football matches or rugby league games, music concerts, company conferences, new product launches, charity events, auctions and much, much more.

Promotional Performers

We carefully select the best promotional performers to work as the costume character. This maximizes the characters impact at the event as the performer will interact with your target audience and participate in all the fun and games on the big day.

Our promotional team prepare a full brief to the promotional personnel or actors that will be working you’re event as the costumed character. Right down to the finer details including making sure they do not talk while performing as the costumed character and that the costume is only removed in private away from children that may be at you’re event.

So if you are looking for something that little bit different at your next event, a chance to stand out, put a smile on everyone’s face and to make sure you remembered, talk to us about our costumed character performers and mascot services.

Our trained performers and actors are available 24/7 so complete the form below for a quotation!  If you are still unsure of exactly what you want you can also call our friendly team on 0844 800 0071 (local call) to talk through your requirements.

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