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Data Capture & Street Canvassers!

We provide sales and promotional staff to engage and pre-assess potential clients, this means that you will receive genuine leads.  Our  data collection staff will identify and capture potential customers. Hiring the right lead generators and data collection staff is an important decision because it’s not just about how attractive the promotional staff are. What is very important is how they engage with your potential clients, how they approach the data collection process and them having the skills to generate the quality leads you need from your investment in the lead generation staff.

Our engaging, personable and articulate promotional people have experience, expertise and can help assist you with meeting and greeting, distributing promotional materials, assisting in completing data collection as well as conduct surveys.

Data capture is also fantastic way to discover who you target market is and  see if familiar with your brand so you can accurately manage your desired demographic.   This valuable market intelligence allows you to move forward and feel confident with strategies for your existing offerings or launching of new products.  Our lead generators can also use this valuable marketing tool to establish email and a postal address for future marketing communication.

Data Collection Staff for hire anywhere!

Our promotional staff, working as your market researchers are friendly, intelligent, articulate and professional throughout any assignment to ensure they generate responses from your key audience.  Our street canvassers and market researchers are attractive, reliable and have experience not only as survey staff but also similar roles such as Flyer Distributers and In store Demonstrators.

Pitlane Promotion Agency hire lead generators, street canvassers, survey staff and market researchers throughout England, Wales and Scotland so your geographical location has no bearing on the experienced, quality staff waiting to make your next campaign huge success.

What’s the best way to collect data?

There are many ways in which we can collect data for you.  Manually, PDAs. Ipads, etc.  To get the best results it is always a good idea to have a prize or a reason for potential customers to hand over their personal details.

Our promotional staffing team will be delighted to talk through with you how we can assist with your next campaign, whether you require multiple numbers of staff, or just one or two, to help your event be a stress free success. Please call us on 0844 800 0071 or complete the form below for a free and fast quotation.

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