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Show Girls & Hostesses

Show GirlsA show girl for nightclub promotion, party or corporate event always grabs the attention of members of the general public.

Made famous by the Las Vegas Shows in the 60’s they are an iconic figure that demands attention. This attention is generated not only from the Show Girl outfit itself but the gorgeous promotional girl wearing it.

Corporate Show Girls

As you would expect from a professional promotional events company like Pitlane Promotion our event staff were born to wear the famous Show Girl costume. We can guarantee our promotional girls tick all the right boxes for that perfect show girl. Our promotional girls will interact with your clients, they can serve drinks, canopies, be the waitresses for the evening, they can dance at your club, they can be the hostess for the evening or they can just mingle and look gorgeous.  It is the in thing now to have attractive girls at your event to make it a talking point.

The original Show Girls of the 60’s oozed sex appeal and class. They rehearsed famous dance moves and we have many dancers on our books.  Our promotional Show Girls are carefully selected to make sure we provide the best promotional staff to enhance your event.

Show Girls Are Back

Over recent years there has been a rebirth in the popularity of showgirls, hostesses, atmosphere models and models. Many companies are asking Pitlane Promotion to supply our Show Girls at their event and we have many, many repeat bookings. The feedback from our clients is always the same and that is how popular the Show Girls are.   If you have Show Girls at your event it will be a great talking point for weeks after.

So if you want to generate the WOW factor at your next event ask us about the Pitlane Promotion Show Girls. You will be glad you did.

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