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Grid Girls & Pit Girls

Looking for Grid Girls, Promo Models or Umbrella Girls to promote your brand or product at a motorsport event?  We have hundreds of gorgeous grid girls on our books around the UK.  So no matter what the event is British Superbikes, Formula 1, Exhibitions our promo models will work hard for your company and get your brand at the forefront of your potential customers minds.

Our directors used to run the title sponsorships at BSB and have extensive involvement with F1, so we have lots of insider knowledge which you can take full advantage of.  Our ladies can provide you and your company with extra opportunities not usually available to other grid girl agencies.

Our grid girls are not only very beautiful, they are talented, and educated ladies.  If you need promo girls at a racing circuit we are only of only a few agencies who can give you specialist track side insurance so you never have to worry should something unfortunate happen.

What is a grid girl? A promotional model is a model hired to drive consumer demand for a product, service, brand, or concept by directly interacting with potential consumers. A vast majority of promotional models typically tend to be conventionally attractive in physical appearance. They serve to provide information about the product or service and make it appealing to consumers. While the length of interaction may be short, the promotional model delivers a live experience that reflects on the product or service he or she is representing.

Pit Girls and Umbrella Girls

All our umbrella girls all look great in Lycra and have been interviewed to make sure they will represent your company in the best way.  You have spent a lot of time and money on your event already, so make sure you maximise your results and select a promotional modelling company who can really get your brand noticed.

British Super Bike and F1 Grid Girls

Pitlane Promotions Agency cover all the major UK circuits including Brands HatchSilverstone, Mallory Park, Donington, Goodwood, Cadwell Park, ThruxtonCroft and Knockhill to name a few.

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    GRID GIRLS – Through the ages

    Having grid girls at motorsport events is as traditional as rain in an English summer. Grid girls have been the face of motorsport teams for more than 40 years but over the years the role of the girls has changed significantly.

    In the 70’s it was all about the sex appeal. Motorsport was a real sexy affair with drivers as popular as rock stars and living very similar lives. The motorsport industry was not as safety conscious as it is today and the edge of your seat races often ended with horrendous crashes which was appealing at the time to the fans as the race itself.

    During this period of 70’s and early 80’s racing the grid girls reflected this rock star lifestyle and often the girls would see being a grid girl as a simple ticket to the high life. Team owners wanted the girls wearing as little as possible to attract attention to their team and as the old saying goes “sex sells” the girls wanted to get as close as possible to the rock star racing drivers.

    Over recent years there has been a real shift on the way companies want their brand represented at motorsport events. There is more emphasis on what the girls can bring to the party other than just good looks. Companies understand that while race goers do want to see attractive girls, this alone does not have an impact with everyone.

    Grid girls are the face of a brand while they are wearing the company colours and branding. At some events the traditional grid girl all in one cat suit has been substituted for a more conservative shirt and skirt. This is simply because the sponsors want to attract people but choose to shy away from the sexy style of marketing as they understand this is not necessarily the audience that buy their products.

    A lot of sponsors that hire the grid girls want more for their buck and expect the girls to be confident and able to talk to the audience about their products, give out flyers and demonstrate them when required as well as posing for the pictures. Being articulate and engaging is now as important as looking beautiful.

    As a promotional events agency we are inundated every day with girls that want to be grid girls. The prestige and glamour of this position is still there but little is understood by new girls into the promo industry and think the opportunity to be a grid girl is the pinnacle of promo girl work. We have applications from girls that have just left school who will contact us with pleading letters that they “Have always wanted to be a grid girl” and how it would be a “dream come true”.

    The more experience promotional girls that have worked in this role previously understand it’s not as glamorous as the new girls on the block want to believe. There is a lot of waiting around between races, if you’re not looking busy then a client will want you walking around the retail areas in the branded clothing getting noticed and distributing flyers or even collecting sales leads.

    We have lots of clients that will hire grid girls for non-motoring events because the image does still sing sexy girls. We have noticed a real increase in enquiries from clients that will ask for grid girls to promote energy drinks, nightclub events and electronic cigarettes. But just like the shift in grid girls skill set for motoring events these clients all want girls that can sell their product, hit targets and collect valuable data.

    F1 grid girls is still the golden ticket and this is always going to be the case. We have provided grid girls at F1 on two separate occasions and the work involved is phenomenal. The look has to be right, there has to be an equal mix of race, hair colour, skin tone and most important requirement from all the clients…Height. Having 30 grid girls at different heights just looks bad on the photos so clients tend to want all the girls between 5ft 8 and 5ft10. Managing the casting and filtering through many, many applications for the right look is just the half of it. We then have to consider their personality and if this fits what the client is after and can the girl follow and understand the client’s products and brief.

    Despite the changes and additional demands put on the girls over recent years there will always be a place for grid girls and promotional girls will always view being selected as a grid girl as a real feather in their cap. The feedback that we have from girls that work at the motorsport events is that they have absolutely loved it. The smells, the atmosphere, the clients, the crowds and the excitement of motor racing is always a huge attraction. While we continue to educate the girls that it is hard work and they need more than just good looks they will jump through hoops for the opportunity to stand on a track in a cat suit, the wind blowing through their hair with crowds of people cheering. What’s not to love about being a grid girl!

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