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hot grid girls for hire moto gpThe MotoGP World Championship

Grand prix motorcycle racing is nothing new to our part of the world. It’s been around since a few of us may have been born. Since its humble beginning the sport has attracted millions of fans all over Europe and throughout the world. Who can blame the crowds for gathering? There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors played to the tune of roaring engines zooming past in graceful formations and in fierce competitions. The motorcycles used in the sport aren’t even for sale to the public because none of them are street legal. That should give you an idea of the excitement to expect.

The MotoGP is the oldest and most prominent of the three classes the sport’s been divided into since 1997 and they’re engines are still running loud and hot. The same could be said for the crowds gathering for the latest big event coming up to stir the motor sports world. The event is more of a time for fan service fun, but the attractions are bound a sizable showing. Racing legend Kenny Roberts will be there along with 5-time world champion Mick Doohan for entertainment and diversion. There will also be a charity auction and many other events and diversion that will be sure to draw an impressive turnout when the gates open on the morning of Thursday, the 1st of September. Fans and families alike won’t want to miss it.

If you’re in business you also might be interested in making your mark. This will be a golden opportunity to tap into a huge crowd of potential customers. You’ll have the opportunity to hire grid-girls who can help promote your brand and introduce your company to the crowds that are bound to show up, or even hire hostesses to look after your customers if your company will be there to make its mark.

Many have already signed up to be a part, you too should strike while the engines are hot, its an opportunity you won’t want to miss. The doors open at 9am, and you’ll want to be there when they do.

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