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Hiring Promotional Staff for Valentine’s Day Events

It is the day of romance, love and proposals and one that your brand may decide is perfect for leveraging its commercial value. Hiring promotional staff for Valentine’s day events is increasingly common but you need to make sure you hire the right people.

The origins of Valentine’s day

A Roman festival, it was celebrated originally in mid-February with the promise of spring and new life on the doorstep. It was a festival that celebrated fertility although the pairing off of women with men via a lottery system is something we wouldn’t be comfortable with today.

The same could be said for Pope Gelasius 1 who replaced the festival of Lupercalia as it was called with St Valentine’s day.

Bachelor’s day

In a leap year, it is an Irish tradition for women to propose marriage. But there was a catch – if the proposal was refused, the man had to by the lady a silk gown or by the mid-20th century, a fur coat! With 2020 being a leap year, and then every four years, come 29th February, there could be another reason for your brand to hire promotional staff for a similar event to that of Valentine’s day.

A commercial event not to be missed

Like many saint’s days, Valentine’s day is now a prominent event on the commercial calendar. So much so, that your customers may be expecting some kind of promotion.

Or, you may have decided to leverage this day online and instore to attract attention to your brand and boost sales.

From florists to chocolatiers, to restaurants and bars, there are many brands across many industries looking to hold Valentine’s day events.

Stand above the competition

From pay per click adverts online to handing out vouchers and flyers on the high street, as a brand, you need to stand above the competition this Valentine’s day.

And this is where hiring promotional staff comes in. And there are many benefits to doing so;

  • Your Valentine’s day offer will reach more people – whether it is handing out leaflets, flyers or special offer coupons, our flyering teams along with other promotional staff can make sure your marketing material ends up in the right hands.
  • Memorable marketing – your competitors and other brands will also look to the commercial aspect of Valentine’s day to increase sales. But it isn’t just about sales now but making your brand memorable to customers. Promotional staff can do just that as the emphasis is on the human connection between the customer and you.
  • Cost-effective – depending on your promotion and project, hiring promotional staff can deliver a huge return on investment making it one of the most cost-effective means of marketing your business on Valentine’s day and in the weeks and days before it.

Why not contact the Booking Team to find out more about hiring promotional, sales and event staff this Valentine’s day?


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