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Hiring Promotional Staff for ICE London 2020

From the 4th to 6th February 2020, the ExCeL London once again plays host to ICE Totally Gaming. An event that is packed with the latest gaming innovations, there is plenty to see and do here. For your brand, it means taking advantage of everything that this show has on offer. You can only really do that with promotional staff managing your stand. But just what is on offer? And what part do promotional staff play at ICE London 2020?

ICE London 2020 – a huge event

For three days, ExCeL London will welcome thousands of people from across the globe to ICE London. The organisers expected 35,000 professionals from the exciting world of gaming. On show, there will be over 600 ‘solutions’, products and services that provide solutions at every stage of the gaming process from concept to reality.

Visitors can enjoy all kinds of events using the free ICE London Exhibition Pass. For innovative solutions and exceptional networking solutions, the premium ICE VOX Conference Pass is a must.

But what does the event promise to deliver? The organisers have split into four main categories…

#1 Meet

As will all industries, the way forward when it comes to bigger and better things is collaboration. But you’ll only find like-minded businesses to collaborate with if you network with others.

Essentially, ICE London 2020 brings together people and companies from across the gaming industry. Why wouldn’t you want to mix and mingle with others within your industry who could have the solutions you are looking for?

#2 Learn

The pace of change in the gaming industry is phenomenal. From futuristic graphics to innovative backend solutions, it is an exciting, fast-paced industry.

What this does mean is that everyone with a link to the gaming industry is constantly learning and developing. With this in mind, the organisers of ICE London 2020 have made sure to place learning at the top of the must-have takeaways.

#3 Discover

There are so many things yet to discover in the world of gaming that this three-day event will surely be a feast of discovery no matter which field or sector within the industry you dominate.

Discovery is key to events like this and there will be so much on show you won’t know where to start…

#4 Enjoy

And finally, but possibly the most important, the organisers of this prestigious global gaming event want everyone who attends to enjoy themselves. And that means enjoying what is on offer from demonstrations to Q & A panels with experts to workshops and more!

How to hire promo staff for ICE London 2020

BUT – and it is a big ‘but’ – you and your team won’t get to optimise meeting, learning, discovering and enjoying the event if you are tied to your stand for the entirety of the three days.

Hiring promotional staff for ICE London 2020 genuinely allows you to optimise every minute of every day. You get to participate and your brand gets to be noticed too.

To find out more, call the booking team on 0844 800 0071 or use the contact form below for a no-obligation quotation for promo staff at thus must-attend gaming event in London.


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