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Event Staff for Tough Mudder UK Events

The range of events and races that runners can take part in across the UK have mushroomed in recent years. One style of event that has gained in popularity is muddy obstacle course style runs. With more people subscribing to events like Tough Mudder, the need to hire event staff who can ensure its smooth running has never been more important. But who should you hire? What event services do you need?

What do you need event staff to do?

At events like the Tough Mudder, there are many background tasks that need to happen in order for it to run smoothly. There will also be ‘pinch points’ in the event which means that event staff will need to be prominent in helping the people who have paid to be part of your event…

  • Registration – with your Tough Mudder event scheduled to start to certain times, you will be expecting an influx of people to be registered pre-race start. It is essential you have plenty of registration staff on hand to meet and greet the people taking part in your event. Just as important is ensuring they are briefed to handle the registration process efficiently too.
  • Course marshals and stewards – these are the people who keep your competitors safe and ensure the health and safety of the course as they complete it. The Tough Mudder is expected to be that – muddy! But it needs to be safe and although marshals and stewards can’t ‘help’ competitors to complete the course, they can certainly encourage them!
  • Meet and greeters – there are all kinds of competitive sporting events held at venues across the UK, but what is different about this style of event is it isn’t about competition as such, but collaboration. Groups of Tough Mudders will help each other out as they go around the course. You’ll want to mirror this in the event staff you hire. You want people who are personable, who will interact with the people taking part and who understand what the event is all about.
  • The finish line – weary, muddy but happy, when your runners cross the finish line, you went them to be greeted and celebrated. And who better than event staff who are cheerful and professional, directing people to the end-of-course refreshments and goody bags (if you have them!)?

Hire local staff for Tough Mudder events

With events held at locations across the UK, you will be seeking to hire local event staff for Tough Mudders. The good news is, with a growing database of thousands of experienced promotional and event staff on our database, we have the people with the right skills that you need right on your doorstep.

From promotional staff to event staff, to marshals and stewards to hospitality staff, we are a leading promotional staff agency in the UK and we are well-placed to make your Tough Mudder event a success.

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