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Conference and Summit Top Ten Planning Tips

Seminars, conventions, and conference can be of any size, any length and pretty much any location.   But to make it a success it must be well planned out and as early as you can.

Below are some useful tips that will hopefully save you some headaches and make sure you have everything covered: –

  1. Set the Goal – what is it you want to achieve from this event. Is it sales?  It is networking?  Is it education?
  2. What is your budget? Try to account for everything and there will always be something you didn’t budget for.  So, add on another 10%.
  3. The Venue – If possible, choose a venue which ties in with the subject matter or your delegates. Don’t book a huge room leaving lots of empty space but do make sure you have break out areas allowing people to network.  Make sure the location is as easily accessible as possible to the majority of your attendees. 
  4. Networking – Make sure everyone gets a name badge as they arrive and if appropriate their include business details too under their name. Networking is a popular reason people attend conferences and conventions. 
  5. Agenda – Give everyone an agenda and make sure it is clear. Have paper copies available (some of us still like good old-fashioned paper) but have available options to download it electronically too.
  6. Website – make sure your website is easy to find and understand. Make sure it has every but of possible information anyone interested can find.    Your event website must be optimised so search engines can find it.  Make sure all social platforms are used to promote your event but depending on the demographic of your event you may focus on one more than the other. 
  7. Clarify your cancellation policy. Make sure this is crystal clear from the outset and highly visible.
  8. Brief your event meet and greet staff and anyone registering your visitors are they arrive. Using an experienced staffing agency, they can also do this for you ahead of time.
  9. Give any security or venue staff your brief and requirements a few weeks before the event and update them of any changes as you go along so you don’t forget.
  10. Pretend you are attending the conference – go through every role of who is at your event from the speakers, assistants, attendees, etc and look at your conference from their point of view. Look for potential issues they may have and pain points.

We hope these tips will help your conference planning and help your event to be a success. 

If you wish to talk to us about Pitlane Promotion providing you with exhibition or conference staff call us on 0844 800 0071 or use the contact form below.


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