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10 Steps for Giving the Best Check-In Experience at an Event

First impression matter. It takes seconds for someone to form an impression of you, your staff, and your event. That’s why getting it right every time is crucial. With failure not an option, what steps should you take to give the best check-in experience at an event?

  1. Train your reception and event staff – every event will have a different sign in or check-in experience for guests. Your staff need to know the system inside-out so that they can guide people through the process as well as act as information points for when delegates have questions.
  2. Matching staff to the event – your check-in process will mirror your event and so the process of signing in at a business to business event will be different to a large exhibition or event such as Comic Con. Making sure event staff have an appreciation of your event and who it serves is also an important part of the check-in process.
  3. Have a help and information desk in a prominent position – from questions about where breakout events will be held to issues with car parking, people have concerns and queries they need answering. A help desk in a prominent position with trained, personable event staff is essential.
  4. Define the roles of event staff – miscommunication is often the weak link in managing events. The same is true for check-in and reception staff. Make sure staff are aware of their role and what is expected of them.
  5. Harness the latest reliable check-in technology – there are many different check-in apps and tech that your guests can use. Event staff need to confident in its use too and should be ready to help someone struggling to sign-in with a QR code or show their attendance in the event app.
  6. Offer a range of check-in options – we may be moving more towards self-check-in at events in light of the spread of coronavirus but people may still need help from event staff. Offer a mix of signing in options from a reception desk to self-check-in.
  7. Consider QR codes for check-in across your event– a prominently displayed QR code is ideal for people to ‘scan and go’. These codes can be loaded with specific information for certain areas or breakout events, such as seminars or demonstrations.
  8. Offer reliable broadband connection – no Wi-Fi? Many guests will find it difficult to contend with no Wi-Fi or worse, an unreliable, metered connection. There is an expectation that broadband connection will be provided, that a sign-in to this will be expected and that if they need help, they’ll be someone on hand to do so.
  9. Meet & greet – we may be keeping our social distance from each other for the foreseeable future but that doesn’t mean a pleasant smile and general small talk is a thing of the past too. And even though we may be wearing a face covering, the eyes still smile!
  10. Confidence – people want to check-in with confidence and what will rapidly become the norm is temperature checking. Event staff can be trained to offer this safely to your guests. Just as important are trained event staff who can interact sensitively with those who do show a high temperature.

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