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Choosing the right compere or presenter for an event is crucial to its success

You need someone who can fit in with the audience, who can deal with unexpected emergencies, who is confident, well presented and able to communicate with everyone. Finding that person is never easy – which is why people come to us for help.

We have a long established track record of providing presenters and comperes who can cope with anything. Having identified exactly what you need, we find the perfect match.

The first step is always to understand your event and what it requires. Are you seeking a male or a female compere? What is the target audience? Are you dealing with a business market or a young, enthusiastic audience? How formal is the event? What’s the theme? Is it an awards ceremony, a reception or a presentation? Perhaps you are planning a promotional event, a charity ball, a wedding or need someone to compere a PR stunt?

If you are combining a virtual and an in person event, our presenters can cope with this. They are skilled at dealing with online events such as awards nights, quiz nights and sales auctions.

Take a look at this video to see one of our presenters in action:

We can provide hundreds of highly skilled, professional presenters and comperes throughout the UK. All are highly trained and experienced, many are actors and know how to create the right atmosphere for your event.

Whatever your desired location, we can provide a presenter or compere perfect for your event living with the same area. This means that they know the area and can travel to your location easily.

How to book a presenter or compere

It is very simple – just phone or email us. We will respond immediately and spend time with you discussing exactly what you need. If you want help developing a script for the event, or seeking ideas as to how to incorporate a presenter into your chosen event – we can help. We are happy to make suggestions because we really want your event to be a total success.

As soon as we have all the details, we check our database and find you some perfect matches. All you have to do then is make your choice and confirm the booking. We will do the rest!

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