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Planning a summer event? Here are a few key tips to make sure that it is a total success.

1. Choose your location carefully
Make sure it is easily accessible, ideally by both public transport and car. Not everyone can drive! Also consider the possibility that participants and visitors may need overnight accommodation. Are there any hotels near by? Or camping facilities?

2. Outdoor spaces
Everyone likes to take advantage of warm sunny weather to be outdoors during the summer. Make sure that your venue offers good outdoor facilities – but be aware that British weather means that sudden rain or even thunderstorms are possible. Use marquees to provide some shelter from adverse weather or too much hot sunshine. Provision of shaded areas is essential.

3. Book your venue
Always bear in mind that you are not the only people looking for a suitable venue. Delay too long and you could find there are no slots available. When you have found the ideal venue – confirm your booking quickly.

4. Staffing
Make sure you arrange for sufficient staff to be available. This can include car parking attendants, stewards, promotional staff. Think about what you might need and book ahead to get the best people.

5. Promote your event
Let people know as quickly as possible the date and time of your event. Potential visitors and participants usually need to book ahead, especially if businesses are involved. They need to arrange to be free on a set date, and have all the equipment, products that they need ready in advance. People need time to prepare and plan ahead.

6. Theming
Give your event that little bit extra fun by adding a theme. Choose a theme that complements the warmer weather, and inspires imagination.

7. Seasonal catering
Food always plays an important part in the success of any event. Organising the food offer is a priority for any event organiser. Talk to caterers and book up any food trucks quickly. Demand for food truck attendance is high. Leave it too long, and you can find there is very little choice available. Equally essential is the need to make sure there are food options available for all types of diets including vegetarian, vegan and ethnic food.

8. Entertainment
Take advantage of the seasonal timing and include a variety of outdoor activities. Visitors want to enjoy the sunshine. Consider expanding the event through to the evening and night by providing music, light shows and fireworks.

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