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Looking for ideas for Easter promotions?

Why not get creative and think outside the box to offer something different and attention grabbing?

After all, this is a perfect time to catch consumer attention. Warmer days, sunshine and the prospect of a short holiday makes people feel more positive and relaxed.

Easter has always been a fun time. Delicious, mouth watering chocolate eggs, cheerful Easter bunnies and spring time scenes immediately arouse interest. Capture that mood with some lively promotions that will amuse and entertain. Add extra interest to Easter Egg hunts or Bunny trails with characters and activities that will make everyone smile.

Life sized eggs
The sight of life size eggs strolling around wearing brilliantly coloured costumes is guaranteed to make people stop, stare and reach for their phones to capture the scene. It becomes even more engaging when the eggs suddenly stop and start dancing with everyone they meet.

Stilt walking eggs
Why not have your egg characters on stilts? Such giant characters will certainly attract attention at any Easter festival or event!

Eggs running riot
Add some fun by letting the eggs run riot, doing crazy things like holding a Mad Hatter style tea party, playing hide and seek. Perhaps they could be chased around or locked up by security guards on site.

Live statues
Standing still, then suddenly making small movements, live statues make people stop and stare. Did they move? Am I seeing things? Passers by are never quite sure what they are going to do next. The resultant visuals are great for placing on social media so why not put some eggs, chickens or bunnies on view?

Chocolate delights
Easter wouldn’t be Easter without some chocolate so think up some unusual chocolate delights. Think about stylish chocolate cake creations – bunnies, chocolate cartoon characters, fairies or mystical creatures. Combine with a charity raffle and you have the ingredients for a promotion that is going to be noticed.

Use Easter Costume Performers

Remember to book your characters early. The best costumed characters always get booked up fast and there is always lots of demand, so be quick and inventive in bringing your Easter promotion to life.


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