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Choosing the best Hostess Agency

PROFESSIONAL HOSTESSESWhen holding an event designed to showcase your brand, you need staff to be as professional as possible. Few companies can afford the expense of in house events and promotion specialists. It is far more flexible and effective to hire a specialist company like Pitlane to provide trained events staff and hostesses to deal with specific occasions.

Why use a Hostess agency?

• Our database contains several thousand skilled, professional hostesses and events staff who can undertake any type of branded, corporate activity.
• You have immediate access to fully trained, and fully briefed staff ready to work instantly on arrival
• Staff are experienced and able to take on the role of hostesses
• Both male & females can be provided
• Staff will provide high quality representation for your brand

Finding an agency

Ask industry colleagues for recommendations. Make sure that the chosen agency has experience in your business sector and style of event

Check out the agency carefully. Give them time to organise a pitch and provide a quotation. Aim to develop a rapport with the account manager, and make sure they understand how your business operates.

Ensure success

Provide all the essential information to enable them to give an accurate quotation and to brief the hostesses. If necessary, be prepared to provide some staff training prior to the event. After all, you need those staff to create the best impression of your brand.

During the event, have some in-house staff available to enable detailed customer queries to be dealt with instantly.

Set targets to help measure the success of your event. This could involve feedback from attendees, mailing list sign-ups or downloads of information. The more detailed the targets, the easier it is to judge success, and decide whether to repeat using a hostess agency on future occasions.

Pitlane Agency is part of the Envisage Agency group so you can book in confidence.

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