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UK Exhibition Staff AgencyMaking first impressions at Exhibitions

First Impressions count at exhibitions. You have only minutes to make an impact on visitors before they pass by – and probably will not come back.

It doesn’t matter how small your stand may be, you have just as much chance of attracting attention as one of the big, dramatic ones. After all, if there is no one around on a stand to talk to people as they pass by, then visitors will not stop. Even saying hello and smiling, will help capture their attention.

Smiling and engaging promotional staff

Make sure there is always someone on your stand throughout the exhibition. If visitors can’t find someone to talk to quickly, then they will go elsewhere. A friendly, welcoming promotional staff member can make a massive difference, engaging people in conversation until you are free to talk to them. Hiring well trained temporary promotional staff and exhibition staff is easy – just contact Pitlane.

A well designed stand

Add some eye-catching features to your stand design, such as graphics or bespoke photo flooring. Make sure your brand is clearly visible and stands out. Exhibition halls can be crowded and visitors can all too easily miss you as they pass down the aisles.

Create a nice working environment

Remember your staff have to be on the stand for long periods. They need somewhere comfortable to talk to visitors, to sit down and have safe storage for their personal belongings.

Carefully placed furniture can make even the smallest stand seem big.

Wherever possible, enable visitors to enter the stand on all three sides. Providing a lockable showcase at the front of the Zenith stand at the Employee Benefits Live show, Olympia, London meant that visitors had plenty of space to explore Zenith’s small exhibition area. A high level beacon, plus backlit panels and a photo floor added to its visibility.

There was lots of space for networking, talking to visitors without anyone feeling crowded or uncomfortable.

Above all, there was plenty of staff available ensuring that no sales opportunity was missed. As a result was it proved to be an extremely successful show with Zenith attracting lots of attention, new customers and potential long term opportunities.

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