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grid girls for hire, pit girls UKWhat does a Grid Girl do?

Promotional models are hired to create customer demand for any kind of service, product, concept or brand by interacting with customers face to face. Grid girls are young promotional models in professional motor racing. They usually hold umbrellas for the racers to guard them from the sun, which also gives them the name Umbrella girls. Grid girls usually promote the sponsors of the racing team.

Females are usually chosen as grid models as they are physically attractive and have better communication skills to convince the customer to use a service or product. These grid girls provide information to the consumers and make the product or the service of the sponsor look appealing.

The impact of promotional models

The interaction between the grid model and the consumer may be short, but it provides live experience which reflects on the sales of the product. Though the reach of the grid models is not as widespread as the traditional media, it is seen that sales are better due to face to face experience. The impact of such marketing is long lasting when compared to that of commercial media.

Sometimes, grid models tend to talk to many customers at once to increase quantitative influence on the demand of the sponsor’s product or service. The task of grid models depend on the kind of product or service they are promoting. The common responsibilities of any promotional model includes giving information about the product, creating product awareness among people and associating the product brand with an image so that it attracts people. Providing samples of the product can attract customers too.

Marketing Campaigns

The marketing companies that hire promotional models usually happen in malls, tradeshows, stores, clubs and promotional events. The marketing campaigns target high traffic locations like motorcycle or car races so that grid models can reach more customers. In case of motorcycle racing, grid girls promote the sponsors in the race location. The girls attract people by wearing fashionable, well-fitted clothes.

Characteristics of a grid girl

It is important for a grid girl to be friendly and hard working. If grid girls cringe to move few boxes and do petty tasks, they are unlikely to get future offers. Grid girls have to make sure that they do not have feuds with their coworkers and superiors if they want opportunities for other shows in the future. It is also crucial for grid girls to make connections for constant offers and stay in the business.

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