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hire a valentines promo staffValentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult one for many lovers. That gift is the make or break of a relationship, so make sure you get it right this year! I’m going to give you a bit of help so you don’t end up heartbroken by letting you know exactly what NOT to get your valentine.

I know they say it every year, they probably said it was their new year’s resolution too. Even though they haven’t acted on it yet, now is not the time to buy your better half a gym membership! I know guys; it seems like a nice gesture and a gentle push towards their goals, but I don’t think it quite reads that way.

Gift cards are another no go. You might as well not bother getting them anything at all and pretend like you forgot it was Valentine’s Day, than prove you forgot it was Valentine’s Day and get them a £15 Tesco voucher. However a voucher for a spa day or weekend away is a winner.

It is not uncommon for people to pop the question on Valentine’s Day. So when you get down on one knee, present your dearest with a box and they open it to see a ring, you’re probably thinking this is a brilliant idea. When they take it out and it’s actually the handle of a coffee mug, you’re soon to realise why it’s not. Engagement Ring mugs can seem like a hilarious prank to pull on your admirer but don’t be surprised when it comes flying back in your face.

Promotional Staff for a Valentine’s Day Event

If you’re running a Valentine’s Day campaign we would love to get involved! Whether it’s staff to distribute roses, hostesses at a Valentine’s party or you need some performers for a spectacular marriage proposal. Get in contact with us on 0844 800 0071 and get your free quote now!

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