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Tips to increase sales and expand your customer base at exhibitions!

Tips to increase sales and expand your customer base at exhibitions!Are you missing out on potential sales opportunities?  If you are already attracting business through normal sales channels and advertising, then you might think that you don’t need to take part in trade shows and exhibitions.

But you couldn’t be more wrong.  Trade shows might not be an easy option, but they can be extremely rewarding and provide valuable long term business, sales leads and information gathering that can benefit your company strategy.

Before writing off trade shows as being inessential, take a look at the ten very good reasons why you should exhibit this year.

Meet new customers

Over the phone you are just another voice – and easily forgotten. Face to face contact remains the best way to convince someone about the value of your business and its services.  It is human nature to want to put a face to a name, to see and experience products in person.  

Strengthen your links with existing customers

After the problems of the past two years, people want to actually put faces to names and to make physical connections again.  Oxford Economics recently issued a study pointing out that face to face meetings are the best way to strengthen relationships with existing customers. Exhibiting at a trade show offers lots of opportunities to connect and meet up.

Obtain information

Where better to discover what is happening within the wider industry environment than by strolling around a trade show, exploring trends and developments? This is where you find out all the cutting edge developments that are taking place.

Meet other companies

Collaborating with other businesses can often lead to new opportunities. Trade shows can highlight those companies, as well as identifying potential suppliers.

Close deals

Direct contact during a trade show can often result in deals being closed there and then.  These are customers who want to make deals, and are prepared to buy. They are at the show because they are interested, and are looking for business.

Brand identity

Your stand will be seen by thousands of people during a trade show.  It makes your brand very visible, enabling you to strengthen your brand and position it as a brand leader.

Discover what your competitors are doing

Exhibiting at a trade show allows you to find out what your competitors are doing – and devise strategies to deal with those competitors. It is the perfect way to discover more about their pricing, sales strategy and why they are proving successful.

Generate sales leads

With thousands of people attending a trade show, you can expect that a large proportion will be passing by your stand.  It is an opportunity to catch attention, obtain relevant data that can be used by your sales team after the show has ended.

Obtain feedback

Ask people visiting your stand to complete a short survey.  It can provide valuable feedback and sales leads.  Offer some samples or vouchers in return.

Optimise sales and lead generation

Trade shows are a perfect way to test new sales techniques, try out new products and marketing strategies.  It is a great testing ground, enabling you to find out just what will work and what doesn’t.

If you don’t have sales people or want to take your staff to the show then you can hire experienced lead generating staff from an agency like ours who are part of the Envisage Agency Group.

To find out more get in touch!  

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