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The Power of Customer Feedback – Online Market Research

What does your customer demographic really think about your product or service? Which colours appeal to them most and what packaging do they find attractive? If you are breaking into a new market, what are your customers’ expectations? These are all big questions and to find the answer, you need online market research.

What is market research?

This is a tool that many brands use to determine what people think about something, whether that is the look of a product, for example, or what people think about something and how it could be improved.

It provides valuable and commercially sensitive information. It gives valuable insight and information on which to base decisions on how to market a product to the best place to sell a service.

There are many ways to conduct market research, including on-the-street interview teams who complete a short survey with people or using telephone market research. Providing it is well organised and the staff pinpoint the right customer demographic, the information is useful.

But the pandemic and local restrictions etc. are limiting how much can be done face to face. And that’s where online market research comes in.

Testing, testing, testing

We have a large database of people of different ages, genders, locations and other demographics who can provide feedback across a range of products.

During one recent project, 100 people tested an online platform for a client before it went live. This was to gauge their feedback on a range of issues, as well as to put the platform to the test.

The information was invaluable and allowed for small revisions to be made to the running of the platform, dealing with broken links as well as revising some areas of it so that when it went live, it functioned just as it should.

Clearly, this test was critical to the success of the project. And our database has proved invaluable for other clients too.

We understand that some clients need a specific market research group too. Our extensive database is sophisticated, with search tools that allow us to easily identify and select the people you need – right down to eye colour if needed!

Better still, with it all being done online, there is no need to worry about social distancing and other coronavirus guidelines to worry about.

Find out more today!

With over 30,000 people registered on our database, we are confident we have the people you need to make your next online market research a success. All you need to do is:

A member of our bookings team will be in touch with a great quote! Find out more and take your next market research project to the next level.


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