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uk grid girls for hireHow to Be a Formula One Grid/Pit Girl?

Grid girls are the pretty and glamourous models who hold the umbrellas and signposts before the start of a Formula One race. Most of them are professional models and are paid well for the minimal work they do. The main purpose of having grid girls is to add a glamour quotient to the race.

Surprisingly, carrying out the job of a grid girl is not very difficult, but getting the chance to be one might not be so easy. Here are some tips which can help you in your endeavor to become a Formula One grid girl.

Compile a Portfolio and Submit it To the People Who Matter

Although grid girls do not have much work to do, organisers of the race expect them to be professional. That is one of the reasons why they hire professional models. If you are not a model, try to get some modeling gigs by submitting your portfolio to leading modeling agencies. Do not expect to be accepted by the first company you approach. It can take time and a lot of perseverance.

Other than the modeling agencies, you could get in touch with representatives of the racing teams and the organisers to apply for a grid girl position. The trick here is to highlight your love for the sport in your application. There is no dearth of beautiful girls. But pretty girls who are passionate about the sport and know how serious the sport is will have the edge over the rest.

Understand that the atmosphere at a Formula One race will be very different from a party or any other event. If you know how serious racing is, you will be in your element and prevent any untoward incidents which are common when beautiful girls are around. Also, passion for the sport will significantly boost your chances of getting the job.


Sponsors of the race usually conduct contests to select girls. It is worth the time and effort to apply to these as you never know when your luck might change. Another advantage of this competition is that you will get noticed by the people who matter. Even if you don’t win the competition, you might stand a chance to be on the grid if you impress them.

Be Confident and Keep Trying

Never lose hope. Always be confident that you have what it takes to be a F1 grid girl. Keep yourself updated about the events and continue applying even if you are rejected. Luck also plays a major role in these kinds of things and you never know when your day will come.

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