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How can a brand ambassador help you?

Brand Ambassadors are becoming increasingly popular as a way of engaging with the public. Their job is to represent a brand in its most positive way, increasing awareness and sales. By providing a positive image of the company or brand, a brand ambassador has the ability to strengthen the customer-product-service relationship, encouraging people to use or buy a company’s wares.

Celebrities have long been used as brand ambassadors. Back in the 1950’s comedian Bob Hope promoted American Express, while sports stars like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have endorsed sports products via lucrative licensing deals.

Many brand ambassadors are established community influencers

Or they might be street teams or promotional staff. Company employees are also often encouraged to act as brand ambassadors. At events and exhibitions, all event staff involved with a particular brand are, in effect, acting as brand ambassadors. The way they present themselves and the brand, along with the amount of information and knowledge of the brand that they possess will create a positive view of the company.

Whatever their role or location, the aim remains the same – to create and promote a really positive image of the brand.

What is very important is the need for the brand ambassador to be really well informed about the product or service involved. They have to be able to answer questions, talk about the product or service, demonstrate and at all times provide a very positive image. This may involve face to face contact, talking to people directly in the street or at an event. Alternatively, it can involve driving the brand image through emails or social media.

Word of mouth marketing as portrayed by a brand ambassador creates credibility, that the brand is being shown by people who know it and use it. A positive experience makes all the difference. If people can believe in a brand, feel that it matches their needs then they will use it. A Brand Ambassador is able to bring a product or service to life, making it an essential must have item that will appeal to the target audience.


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