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Creating loyal brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are the face of your company. They are the visible image, the one which will immediately attract the attention of customers. Personal referrals and personal contact can make a difference to a customer’s decision to use or not use your company.

Choose your brand ambassadors carefully

Cultivate targeted supporters, people who really know your brand. Numbers are less important than quality. Choose brand ambassadors who have and can develop a lasting relationship with your brand. These are the people who will make the biggest impact when representing your product or service.

Cater to their strengths

Get to know your brand ambassadors. Identify their key skills. Some may be very good at public speaking, others are great dealing with people. Yet others will be happier working behind the scenes, or on social media. Make the best use of those skill sets when utilising your brand ambassador programme.

Make your brand ambassadors feel special

When someone is working as a brand ambassador they want to feel proud that they are representing your company. They want to feel special and that their input is valued. Show that you appreciate their work. Ask for contributions to blogs, share their success when they do something extra special. Just saying ‘thank you’ can make a difference to the way someone regards your company.

Make your brand visible

Give your brand ambassador lots of branded items they can use when out and about. Notepads, t-shirts, folders, laptop bags, backdrops, pens, even the podium can be branded with your company logo or name. Think about giving business cards, asking them to add your company to their Linked In or social media profiles. Keep them constantly updated with information and products.

Keep brand ambassador programmes separate from other marketing activity
Brand ambassadors provide genuine, positive recommendations and constantly provide a positive view of your business. If they are also concentrating on earning income from affiliate or referral programmes, their brand ambassador status is diluted. Consumers know that they are likely to be biased in favour of your company simply because they are participating in that programme. Instead, consider offering sponsored support for events and hosting meet up’s as this will expand their social media and public activity to everyone’s benefit.

Actively engage with brand ambassadors on social media
Interact on a one to one basis, staying in touch on social media. Co-ordinate online events such as webinars since this will encourage long term connections and provide good publicity.

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