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Hiring Promotional and Hospitality Staff for the Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival as we know began in 1911, although its origins can be traced back to the 1860s. Today, the Cheltenham Festival is as popular as ever, regularly attracting over a quarter of a million visitors across the four-day event. The busiest day is Gold Cup day with over 70,000 people packing the stands and venue. At such a prestigious and busy event, can you afford not to hire promotional and hospitality staff?

How to hire hospitality staff for the Cheltenham Festival

Taking place in the spring, the Cheltenham festival boasts some pretty big sponsors. Currently, Magners are sponsoring the event and will be pushing their products into the limelight.

You can do the same but with such a busy event, you will need hospitality staff. Hiring professional hospitality staff for the four-day festival will;

  • Push and maintain your brand presence throughout the event
  • See your VIP area well-managed from start to finish
  • Will see your VIP guests meted and greeted
  • Ensure your area is well-managed by a professional team, leaving you free to enjoy the festival

Hire other promotional services for The Festival

It isn’t just about drink and food, there are much, much more to keep festival attendees entertained.

As the name suggests, there is very much a festival energy to the event. People come not just for the racing but for the extraordinary day out it offers them. From families to groups of friends and work colleagues, people travel from far and wide to attend the Cheltenham festival.

And that means plenty of promotional staff need to be on hand. As well as racing, there is also…

  • Shopping – temporary sales staff hired for the duration of the festival can see your sales figures soar, especially when you hire experienced staff who understand the buying patterns at busy events like this.
  • Music and entertainment – people attending the festival expect to be entertained and there is no reason why you can’t add to this with performers, models and more.
  • Pop-ups – bars and restaurants across the venue will be incredibly busy and so the venue itself will often hire additional hostesses and hospitality staff. Again, with experience of working busy events like this, our hospitality staff are a wise investment.

How to hire staff for the Cheltenham Festival

There is no doubt that the Cheltenham Festival is an experience unlike any other and that’s why hiring promotional and hospitality staff is simply essential.

When you come to us, we make sure that our booking process is simple but you get the best response in terms of service and in the promotional people that you hire.

We use local promotional staff where possible and with some of the most talented, skilled and experienced promotional and festival staff in the UK, you will have peace of mind that your brand is in safe hands.

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