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Exhibitions 2020 – How to Make Trade Shows Really Work for your Brand

As we usher in a new decade, your marketing efforts may lie in part in attending trade shows and other mass-promotional events. On one hand, these events can provide a significant boost to sales and brand awareness but are you really making as much of them as you possibly can? How can you up your game so that trade shows really deliver results for your brand?

#1 Is it time to update and refine your marketing objectives when it comes to trade shows?

When we operate in our comfort zones we feel safe but we rarely achieve the heady heights of success that we want. If you have always followed the same routine at trade shows and worked to the same objectives, you may be missing out on important collaborations and customers.

With 2020 on the doorstep and your trade show appearances booked into the calendar, now is the time to update and refine your trade show objectives. Is it new markets you are seeking to open or a boost to orders?

#2 Is it time to update your approach with promotional staff?

In the UK, businesses have endured long years of austerity and, as a result, budgets have been pared back. That includes the marketing budget for many brands too.

That means compromises are often called for and so it’s not uncommon to find colleagues and employees staffing trade show stands.

Some people are adept at doing so but not everyone is. And whilst the temptation is to ‘save money’ it could be that by not employing professional promotional staff, you are missing out on sales and contacts.

But again, it could be that the time for change is ripe when it comes to the skills of the promotional staff you hire. Instead of sales staff, why not opt for brand ambassadors? Or consider hiring sampling and demonstration staff to showcase your products?

#3 Why not make 2020 the year you update your booth set-up?

If you haven’t updated your booth for some time, then 2020 could be the year you explode back onto the trade show circuit with a beautiful new set-up.

A ‘new’ booth set up could be a case of;

  • Investing in more or better lighting – as well as spotlights, use uplighters to cast a welcoming glow and backdrop to the booth.
  • Adding tech to your stand – people come to expect technology along with a streamlined approach to doing business.
  • Add height to your stand – by adding height to your stand and making it an architectural feature, you add character to your brand but check with show organisers to see if there are any height restrictions.

Trade shows in 2020 will be bigger than ever

Trading conditions have been difficult of late and even when the economy is buoyant, brands have to work hard to attract attention and to grow in a competitive marketplace.

The trade show will remain a top marketing tool but as a brand, you will be keen to optimise your time and each and every one. And that’s why you need professional trade show models and exhibition staff.


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