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Covid 19 compliant marshals at events, trade shows and exhibitions – Is this to be the new normal?

Covid 19 compliant marshals at events, trade shows & exhibitionsAs we get used to masks, social distancing, cleaning our hands, waiting in queues, self-isolating, Covid passports and testing ourselves at home, its seems the whole world has been turned on its head.

Part of the new world will see changes at events and exhibitions. We have been starved of events during the pandemic and there is now a real hunger for these to reopen. Not only to help the events industry get back on its feet but to give us all something to look forward to.

Some of the changes will see event and exhibition organisers hiring Covid 19 complaint marshals to help them run their events. Marshals that have the necessary experience and that have had training on social distancing, hand sanitation, monitoring the number of people attending an event and the general care and wellbeing of event visitors.

There are lots for event organisers to think about now if they are to be successful with an exhibition, event or festival as we ease out of Covid restrictions

  • Risk assessments that comply with the guidance laid down by the HSE
  • Stations for visitors to sanitise their hands
  • Deep cleaning at the end of each day
  • Access to surgical gloves?
  • Social distancing floor markers and posters
  • Infrared temperature checks as visitors arrive
  • Weekly reports
  • Health questionnaires
  • Queue management
  • Documentation checks

Exhibition and Event Marshals

That’s a lot of new work for organisers so hiring marshals to take the load can be a huge help. Hiring event marshals that actually have experience with new covid rules can make a challenging situation so much easier to manage.

We are fortunate at Pitlane Promotion that we have thousands of covid compliant marshals and SIA security staff across the country to help organisers get their event off the ground welcoming visitors.


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