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best practice at tradeshows and exhibitions for promotional staffBest Practice at Trade Shows & Exhibitions for Promotional Staff

Our promotional staff always act with the best of intentions and that means getting the best results for our clients. No matter what the event, trade show or exhibition, you can always rely on our promotional teams to deliver the very best.

ALWAYS interested and ready to engage

Promotional staff who are engaged to work on your stand or at your event should always be prepared to engage. And so rather than standing with arms folded (a defensive, ‘don’t interrupt me’ stance), promotional staff should always look and act interested, ready to engage with people.

Organised in front and behind the scenes

Working a trade show booth or an event stand is tiring. And like all other employees, promotional staff need breaks and a lunch break. But getting these at the usual times can be difficult as these are the busiest times on the stand. Experienced promotional staff will work as a team and will make sure they have their break and lunch times sorted. They won’t leave the stand unattended and neither will eat on the stand.

Will qualify who they are talking too

Not everyone attends an event with the same purpose in mind. Some people attend with a view to buying, others are researching certain products and services, and others attend because they are interested or it is their field of work.
Experienced promotional staff will understand the need to qualify the person they are talking to: for example, are they interested in buying? When are they seeking to make a purchase? Do they have the authority to make the buying decision? This is important so as not to waste valuable time pushing for a sale from someone not interested in buying, possibly missing someone who does want to buy.

Smart, professional, approachable

Some clients want their hired promo models and staff to wear a branded uniform. Others want their team to be dressed professionally or in another way. Whatever the client specifies, a promotional team will conform.

Familiar with the venue

Every venue is different, with a different layout but also different rules about what exhibitors and staff can and can’t do. Hiring promotional staff who are familiar with a venue means they stay on the right side of the rules! And they also know where to park, as well as local transport arrangement and other issues specific to a venue.

They research the brand, understand their brief and deliver to set objectives

Promotional models and staff should arrive briefed and ready for action, having researched the company, its branding and what products or services it offers. If they are unsure of anything, they should ask before the event starts.  Of course, this all depends on whether they are trained, experienced promotional staff. When you do hire a professional team, you’ll get a fantastic promotional service. Passionate about what they do, they’ll be no slouching or sloppiness of the stand. It will be tidy throughout the event and the promotional models will be passionate about delivering what the client is expecting of them (and more!).

Not every agency delivers the same standard of service, however. Which is why it is always worth checking what the agency’s best practice is when it comes to trade shows and exhibitions.


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