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Wwhat is a Promotional ModelWhat is a Promotional Model?

So many questions and so many misconceptions of what a promotional model actually does. We have the answers!

What’s it like being a promotional model?

  • Fun – you get the best swag, to hang out in great places, meet interesting people and celebrities, and you get to be inside the hottest events.
  • Hard work – the hours are long, not everyone is what you thought they would be (nothing worse than meeting your hero to find them rude and grumpy). Your feet can ache and, depending on the promotional staffing agency, you can wait an age to be paid. We hasten to add that this is NOT the case with us. All our staff are valued highly and paid promptly. 

What do promotional models do?

We took to Quora with this one and there were some incredible answers. One answer hit the nail on the head;

As a promotion model, you generally spend your time approaching consumers on behalf of the brand with their product or service. Sometimes I give out samples and coupons, other times its information and other marketing stuff. I’ve also been asked to demonstrate a product and host sampling stations so the consumer can try before they buy. It’s all about people!

What are the good bits and the bad bits about being a promotional model?

No career choice is without bumps in the road and it’s unlikely that no matter what you do, there won’t be some aspect of your job that you don’t like. The same is true for promotional models but what do they think are the best bits and bad bits of being a promo model in the UK today?

The not-so-glamourous bits!

  • Inconsistent hours – promotional models only work when the agency they are signed up with is commissioned to supply staff for events, trade shows and conferences. If you register with an established and trusted promotional staffing agency like us, you will find that working hours can be relatively consistent, depending on matching skills to client needs.
  • Unpredictable schedule – being a promotional model is not a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday career choice, neatly packaged to fit in with the normal routine of life. Whilst others are enjoying their weekend, you could be working the entire time at an event or show.

The best bits

  • A great hourly rate – with the right promotional staffing agency, you’ll earn a great hourly rate that makes ‘missing’ the weekend not so bad.
  • Something different – if you want a diverse career where you can try your hand at different things, then this is an attractive role. One event you can be talking to expectant parents about a brand’s baby products, the next day you could be demonstrating how a brand’s product works on stains on clothing.
  • Flexi-hours – promotional models come from all walks of life and one of the attractive things is being able to set your own hours. Whether you want to work part-time around your studies or childcare or plunge straight in and make it your full-time career, being a promotional model is what you make it.
And finally, can promotional models be male? And what about age?

Promotional models can be male, female or gender neutral. Age isn’t a barrier and neither are looks, size or anything else. Why not find out more about promotional modelling by calling our team on 0844 800 0071?


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