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christmas family timeHow To Survive Christmas With Your Family

Everybody has different types of families. Christmas comes once a year and is the time to make special moments with them.

Some families are very well organised and plan their Christmas holidays at each other’s houses and exchange gifts along the way. Others, this may be the only time in the year that they get together and could be a very happy event.

However, when relatives get together, the blissful vision of the cliché of happy families around the dinner table is soon forgotten when different personalities clash.

We all need our survival skills to last the day and depend on whether you laugh your way through, cry, or just take yourself away for peace and quiet, we all have our own ways of surviving Christmas with the family.

The best way that brings people together is the classic board games. Whether they choose the brand new games and instructions need to be read, or the oldies including monopoly, scrabble and many more.

Nowadays everyone wants to play on their new consoles and normally they would have multiplayer games so everyone can join in. This gets everybody talking and getting involved with the games rather than the possibilities of an argument arising.

Christmas with children can be very tiring and you could’ve of been up all night wrapping presents and waiting for Santa. Being woken up early by the excited children and then having to prepare dinners for the rest of the family can be very exhausting. To survive this you can set the kids up with their new presents and whilst they’re distracted you can grab yourself a nap.

Surviving another Christmas with the family is essential to see the New Year in with resolutions and positive outlooks for the year ahead.

We must remember that family is important and we should see this time of year to make that special effort to survive the occasion and put the past behind us. Its only one day out of the year and then its all over for another 365 days.

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