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promo girls and hostesses motorcycle live, BirminghamThe Birmingham Motorcycle Show

In less than a month, the undisputedly biggest bike show in the United Kingdom hits Birmingham. Nothing promises more excitement than the show that has – for many years now – proven to be the most intriguing motor sporting event on the continent. Nothing defines an adrenal rush better than the loudest and most spectacular extreme freestyle motocross display. 

FMX Live brought to you Arenacross UK will beyond all reasonable doubt be unbelievable with the hosting of three dozens of the best motorcycle manufacturers. The Motorcycle show will feature these manufacturers’ latest models with an array of exciting things to choose from ranging from motorcycle accessories to riding kits.

The show will be a platform for the most talented of freestyle motocross performers. The laser and LED lit atmosphere will be breathtaking as the performers awe you with the best of live FMX action. Better yet, this show will last 30 minutes and will be absolutely free. If you are yearning for the most daring stunts in the most palpable electric atmosphere you have ever experienced, this is without doubt the place to be. Witness extreme aerial bike stunts such as the Cliffhanger, Tsunami, the Whip and Heart Attack. Experience the best of the show when riders go head to head and it out in a trick-off. Be there to find your favorite rider with the best tricks.

This event encompasses the most diverse of biking experiences. You will even have the chance to have a ride on the magnificent bikes that will be on display. You won’t afford to miss this for any reason since there are subsidized ticket prices for children. All children over the age of 10 will have entry for just one pound. As for children under 10, entry will be free of charge. This show is conducive for all ages and relations since the stunts on display have undergone the most rigorous choreography with zero chances of fails and accidents. The atmosphere will be the best for bringing along partners, children, friends and meet new friends to have new experiences.

hire promo girls at Motorcycle Live NECMeet celebrities at the Motorcycle Show!

Meet new and old celebrities and get your autographs signed by the celebrities you could otherwise only dream about. On display, will be the best of old school wheels as well as the newest engines. Your grandparents will love it here as they walk through the best vintage bikes of their time. Besides, this will be the final hosting of FMX Live by Arenacross UK after a three-year successful tenure. You may have missed the first one or two, but you definitely don’t want to miss the final one, as Arenacross go out in style. It will be the making of biking history no bike lover will want to miss.

The performances will be taking place daily on weekdays at 12.00 and 14.30 as the show runs on. However, they will take place thrice a day over the weekends. The first session will be at 11.30, the second at 14.00 and the final one at 15.30. A new app, the Motorcycle Live Show App is already available to help you navigate all of the fun this show has to offer. Miss it, miss out.

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