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Planning to promote your business and generate sales at an exhibition or event?

It can be a great way to attract publicity and promote your products to customers. Choose your exhibition or event carefully – the options can be wider than you expect.

Think about small as well as large general exhibitions – you might get even better publicity at a smaller, or more tailored event. At a big name, high profile event or exhibition you might find yourself competing for business with thousands of other companies. Opting for a smaller exhibition or event that is more closely aligned to your target market could prove more successful.

Participation costs in smaller events do tend to be lower. The exhibition organisers have lower overheads, and the venue may be less costly. Instead of a big name centre like ExCel or the NEC, a smaller or regional event might opt for a local exhibition centre, a showground or a hotel. Just because it is smaller, doesn’t mean it is less popular but instead attracts a slightly different audience.

At Christmas for example, many hotels or tourist venues generate extra trade by holding Christmas markets. Such well promoted events attract large numbers of people through the doors, keen to discover interesting products and new ideas. Other examples include Mother & baby fairs, Wedding Fairs, Regional food.

Offer tasters or samplers of your products

These events always attract large numbers of consumers. Offering tasters, and sampling, or product demonstrations means that groups quickly gather around a stall, which in turn attracts others wondering what is happening. Many companies participating in smaller events and exhibitions of this kind find that the event means they connect with, and have the opportunity to talk to a much wider group of potential customers. It’s a perfect opportunity to undertake some market research, find out likes and dislikes, discover new ideas.

Don’t forget too, that such smaller events and exhibitions can attract other businesses who are searching out potential suppliers. Being present at these events can result in some fantastic business opportunities.

Just like the big well known events and exhibitions, there are lots of pre-publicity opportunities. Think about promoting your company and its involvement on social media especially if you are offering some special deals or competitions at the show. Make sure the exhibition organisers are equally aware of those deals – it may be that they can mention special promotions in their own pre-publicity.

Whatever your choice, never leave your stand unattended. Don’t rely on people from adjacent stands keeping an eye on it. After all, if a customer turns up at their stand they are naturally going to concentrate on that customer, while potential sales prospects hovering near your stand are ignored. There is also the security issue – if you have left it unattended, then there is always the possibility that products can go walkabout. Hiring some extra staff purely for the event will avoid this problem.

Remember that Small can be beautiful too – size isn’t everything! Ultimately it always comes down to you as a business, and the amount of effort you put into preparing and maximising your involvement. Although nothing can ever be guaranteed, the greater the involvement and preparation along with a very proactive approach to getting people to your stand will result in a successful outcome.

Need to hire extra staff to help at your event?

Pitlane is part of the Envisage Agency group and have been providing staff to events since 2010. If you want to find out how it all works and how much it cost then get in touch here!

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