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Ideas for Outdoor Events

It might be getting colder outside, but it can be no deterrent for some fascinating outdoor events guaranteed to attract attention, whether purely for company use or for the involvement of the general public. Getting involved in the outdoors emphasises connections with a healthy lifestyle as well as being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Here’s a few ideas for outdoor activities that are worth considering even during autumn and winter.


Organise a Segway tour around country trails. A great way to get out and about that offers considerable challenges to users as they learn how to steer these two wheeled vehicles by using their personal weight to change direction,

Take to the water

Try kayaking or paddle boarding sessions allowing groups to explore the waterways from quiet lakes to busy rivers. For something even more different, try a night time session involving a starlit paddle.

Sheep herding

No – not actually herding sheep, but herding groups of people. One person has to guide a group of blindfolded people around a course and passing through gates. Good instructions and leadership skills are definitely needed along with teamwork.

Tough Mudder

Very much for people who like getting muddy or have an adventurous instinct, this involves time spent on trying to cross a very muddy outdoor adventure course. The risk of falling head first into the mud does exist, but it can be great fun and a good way of encouraging people to work together. Alternatively, you can create a team and join in one of the official Tough Mudder races. Why not try it for a charity sponsorship?


An idea that was introduced from New Zealand some years ago, it has proved very popular. You get into big round cocoons and then have to move them along a route – often down a hill – or around a course by shifting your weight around often on your hands and knees.

Soap Box Derby

Just think of the inspirational, wacky creations seen at the Red Bull Soapbox races and hold your own Soap Box Derby. Use haybales to mark the route, perhaps down a hill, round a field or on a section of race course. Get teams to build inventive soap boxes and hold some races. This can make a great charity fundraising event involving both companies and the general public since it always attracts a lot of publicity.


Maps and compasses at the ready, teams have to find their way between two locations. Good teamwork and leadership is essential.

Treasure Hunts

Good for public involvement or as a company training exercise; treasure hunts can prove very challenging. All you need are some clues leading to a variety of locations. Only if the locations are all identified, and the trail followed correctly can the treasure be found – offer some discount vouchers or prizes to the winners.

Water restoration

Work with charities to restore canals, lakes, streams, rivers and ponds. It’s hard work, but very inspiring and gives a real sense of achievement as well as being sustainable and good for the environment.

Community clean up’s

Beaches, rivers and other green locations need tidying and cleaning up after the summer influx of visitors. Join a community clean up or organise your own, working with a local nature charity. Always makes good PR!

Sporting events

Running, cycling, walking, swimming are just some of the sporting races that are regularly held throughout the year no matter what the weather. Create your own branded race or organise teams to join in existing activities. It is always a fantastic fundraising activity, generating a lot of goodwill and enjoyment.

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