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How Hiring a Crowd Made History at Smithfield Market

In the heart of London, where history and modernity collide, there’s a place that stood as a testament to centuries of trade and tradition – Smithfield Market. For over 800 years, this historic site had been the hub of livestock trading, a bustling centre of commerce that held the echoes of countless transactions. However, as the city evolved, so did the demands on this venerable institution.

In recent years, the question of Smithfield Market’s future loomed large. With calls to relocate the wholesale market outside the City of London to enhance accessibility and infrastructure, the historic buildings faced an uncertain fate. The spectre of demolition and replacement with modern office blocks hung heavily in the air, sending shivers through preservationists and heritage enthusiasts.

It was in this atmosphere of uncertainty that the SAVE Britain’s Heritage campaign, supported by Cathedral, sprang into action. They were determined to safeguard the architectural and historical legacy of Smithfield Market, and they needed a bold statement to capture attention and rally support for their cause.

What better way to turn heads and spark discussions than with a striking public relations stunt? The creative minds behind the campaign devised a plan: assemble a crowd of Lady Gaga lookalikes to march outside the hallowed grounds of the Houses of Parliament.

At first glance, this may seem like an unusual choice, but it was a stroke of brilliance. Lady Gaga, known for her flamboyant style and fearless individualism, represented the spirit of unconventionality and creativity that SAVE Britain’s Heritage sought to preserve. The Gaga lookalikes, dressed in meticulous detail, embodied the essence of the campaign.

On a sunny morning, at the break of dawn, a herd of Lady Gaga doppelgangers, clad in iconic Gaga outfits, strutted across Westminster Bridge. From fishnet stockings to thigh-high boots, their ensembles were a testament to Gaga’s fashion-forward persona. In hand, they held brightly coloured placards emblazoned with the hashtag #SaveSmithfield.

As the parade of Gaga lookalikes culminated outside Parliament, it was impossible to ignore. Their striking appearance, coupled with the clear message they carried, demanded attention from everyone who passed by. The stunt was not only a visual spectacle but a statement of unwavering determination to preserve the heritage of Smithfield Market.

The media couldn’t resist the allure either, and the event garnered extensive coverage, spreading the campaign’s message far and wide. It was a publicity stunt that made noise in every way, from the bridge to the headlines. No one could ignore it.

And the result? The demonstration, combined with SAVE Britain’s Heritage’s persistent efforts, proved victorious. Smithfield Market was saved from the wrecking ball, securing its place in London’s history. Today, a part of the restored building houses the London Museum, ensuring that its heritage lives on.

This extraordinary feat was achieved with the power of a crowd, strategically organised and creatively dressed as Lady Gaga lookalikes. It serves as a testament to the impact of unique and attention-grabbing PR stunts in shaping public opinion and preserving cherished landmarks.

So, why not consider the possibilities of hiring a crowd for your next event or brand campaign? It’s a dynamic way to inject new life into your initiatives, generate buzz, and create memorable experiences. Whether you want to rejuvenate an existing campaign or launch something entirely new, hiring a crowd can set you apart and get people talking.

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