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Temporary sales staffHiring Promo Staff can boost January sales

Pitlane Promotion Staffing Agency are the leading worldwide promotional and sales staffing agency. We supply motivated, engaging and experienced staff for sales and promotional events.

January is a quiet month for a lot of businesses and most companies decide not to push their products. This is why you should take advantage of this opportunity and hire staff to sell.

Hire Temporary Sales Staff

Our clients are in the automotive industry, marketing and PR agencies, businesses, technology, consumer and the sporting industry.

This means that the staff you hire from us can sell and promote your brand at all types of events such as festivals, shopping centres, car product placement promotions, roadshows, pretty much wherever you need your products sold.

Retail Staff

We have been supplying experienced retail staff for over ten years. As a full service agency as well as selling staff can :-

  • Get your everything set up, your stock and sales materials
  • Keep the shelves full by replenishing
  • Work the tills and support your staff
  • Customer service
  • Set up temporary Pop Up stalls and full manage them.

You can hire people for as little or as long as you need from one day to months or just as a support during the busy periods.

We only use local staff

The staff you hire from us will be local to where you need them, not only saving you money as no expenses to pay. The other advantages to you (and them) are:-

  • Arrive on time
  • Know the area so they can engage with visitors and locals
  • No long travelling times so they arrive ready and not stressed with commuting

When dealing with a staffing agency like Pitlane it means that we take care of everything so you don’t have any HR to worry about, interviewing or any other time consuming task.

To find out more simply complete the form below to get in touch or give us a call.

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