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Top ten halloween triviaTrivia Questions for Halloween 


Why did the ancient Celts begin the tradition of wearing masks and costumes on Halloween? Answer: To trick evil spirits.

According to superstition, a person born on Halloween has what particular ability? Answer: They can see and talk to spirits.

Which country celebrates Day of the Dead starting at midnight on October 31st? Answer: Mexico

The ancient Celts used which vegetable to carve their jack-o-lanterns? Answer: Turnips

According to superstition, what does it mean if you see a spider on Halloween? Answer: A dead relative is watching over you.

Legend has it that if a girl wants to see or dream of her future husband, she must do what on Halloween? Answer: Carry a lamp to a spring and look at the reflection of the water, put a spring of rosemary and a sixpence under her pillow and plant hempseed.

According to Halloween superstition, what should you do if you want to see a witch? Answer: Put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards.

According to superstition, on Halloween night owls would swoop down and feast on the souls of the dying. How could you protect yourself from hungry owls? Answer: Turn your pockets inside out, and leave them hanging.

Halloween originated as a pagan festival known as what? Answer: Samhain

It was believed that on Halloween, spirits and other evil creatures roamed the earth. How could you protect yourself from evil? Answer: Bury animal bones in your front yard.

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