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Food Festival Tips for Businesses

Food always attracts public attention, which is why there has been a boom in food festivals and food related events. It is the perfect way to create an event guaranteed to bring in crowds of food entrepreneurs, foodies and local people because everyone likes to explore new flavours, new food combinations and discover new producers.

So how can you maximise attendance and sales?

Decide on your audience

Work out exactly who you are targeting – locals or a wider market.
Is it targeting consumers or trade?
If consumers, will it be family friendly?
How many people do you anticipate will come?
How many vendors and participating companies?


• Find a location that is easy to reach, preferably by both public transport and by car.
• Do you need any undercover space?
• Make sure it is fully accessible


• Are you planning any interactive activities?
• Cooking demonstrations, sampling sessions, talks help to generate interest and encourage people to stay longer.


• In promoting the event, you will need good photography.
• Use high quality photographs that make the food look appetizing, tasty and delicious.
• Request that all your vendors provide good photography that sums up their wares


• Spread the word widely, and explore every possible advertising method to promote your event.
• Search out any opportunities for sponsorship, promotional activities, linked events or themes that could widen the appeal still further.
• Work with local businesses and participating traders to spread the word.

After all, it is in their interest to make sure that everyone knows about the event. Encourage them to offer discounted tickets or food & drink vouchers, perhaps as competition prizes on social media.

Social Media

Set up a special page for the food festival on all popular networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Keep your social media pages updated with news about the event on a regular basis. You need to create constant buzz about it to keep it at the forefront of everyone’s attention.

Official website

Launching an official website adds to your credibility and that of your food festival. This is where people will go to find out more, to search information about the potential vendors and types of food. Create lots of cross links so that people can access participants websites too.

An online registration page and ticket pre-payment can help speed up queuing to get in, as well as providing indications as to the event’s popularity.

Work with vendors

Working closely with all the food companies attending the festival is a distinct help in making your event successful. Provide marketing materials and talk to them about joint promotional opportunities.


Distribute flyers widely in neighbouring towns. Posters and other visual promotional literature help make your event known.

Give people a reason to attend

Make this the ‘must attend’ event of the year. Stress it is the perfect opportunity to discover really great food vendors, try new things and have a great time.

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